The Thermal Etablishment

The thermal etablishment - Corentin Mossière
The thermal etablishment - Corentin Mossière


You will find a unique and original spa treatment in Cransac, with modern thermal baths and appropriate facilities.

The "Les Thermes de Cransac" facility is part of the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil group, France's leading spa treatment provider.

The "Burning Mountain" (La Montagne qui brûle in French, Lou Puech que ard in Occitan) releases hot natural gases of great benefit in treating rheumatism. Thanks to these gases, Cransac is the only resort in Europe to offer spa treatment using hot natural gases containing rare constituents.

An astonishing geological phenomenon, the "Burning Mountain" has been producing gas in Cransac for centuries.

What is behind this phenomenon?

Underground combustion of pyrite-bearing schist gas caused by the infiltration of damp air into cracks in the ground. In addition, the presence of coal encourages this combustion. This phenomenon produces hot steam, at 120°C. Containing rare constituents, this naturally cooled steam reaches the treatment cabins at a temperature of 42°C.

Since 2010, Les Thermes has also operated the Geneviève spring whose water contains sulphate, bicarbonate, calcium, sodium and magnesium.
This spring is an addition to the range with thermal water treatments such as the vaporarium, the drinking cure and kaolin poultices.